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Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge 2007

Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge 2007

“Who will take the challenge out for 2007?”

The Brett Young Nomad Memorial

Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge trials

- June 8th – 10th

- June 15th – July 15th (Extension of 10 days if needed)

Bodyboarding is one of the most explosive underground sports in the world. It is forever breaking the laws of physics with riders either busting the most ridiculous aerials over razor sharp coral reefs or being locked into huge 8-10ft barreling tubes, riding the shock wave and experiencing that vortex, that small period in time when everything seems to slow down whilst tonnes of angry saltwater is crashing around them. It’s normal to these riders – its underground – a feeling that no other normal individual will ever experience. For these “riders” it just another day in the office.

So when you mix one of the worlds most feared waves (Shark Island) and the world’s best Bodyboarders – the radical becomes insane  – 30 days of mental commitment, 2 days of competitive sportsmanship that sees the body cut, bruised and physically bashed – all in vein for a victory – a victory to only ONE - to the most dominate competitor of the event.

A competitor that has pushed through his mental and physical barriers – a virtual machine that has only one thing in his sight.

It is a title that every bodyboarders wants.

It is a title that the sports most endeared riders regard as the Holy Grail.

The Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge has continued to dominate the world contest arena by staging one of the best events on the IBA World Bodyboarding Tour. Regarded as the most prestigious event and running for its 11th year.

This years event will see it as the first event on the 2007 IBA Men’s tour enabling the worlds best big wave riders to clash with one of the worlds most feared waves.

Human has again expressed its support for Australia’s richest bodyboarding event this year by maintaining a huge prize purse of $20,000 AUD making it again the most lucrative bodyboarding event in the Southern Hemisphere. With first prize set at $10,000 AUD there will be no doubt that a great event will be on hand.

Shark Island is known as “the Island” to the hardcore enthusiast and is located in the southern Sydney beach of Cronulla, around 50 – 75 meters off Cronulla Point. It is one of the most famous reef breaks in the Sydney, let alone the world and it just happens to be home to the most populated cities in the Southern Hemisphere, a mere 40min train or 30min drive from the central city hub.

With this said, it makes Shark Island a prime location to stage an International Bodyboarding event and unquestionably one of the best venue ever sourced to show case the worlds best bodyboarders.

The Cronulla Shark Island Challenge will be the first Major International IBA event on the 2007 calendar. This event will put the top seeded world tour IBA competitors against the best the riders from all over the globe including Australia, Hawaii, South Africa, Brazil, US, United Kingdom and Europe. It will set the tone for “Gladiator” style atmosphere for all the spectators who view The Cronulla Shark Island Challenge event days from the natural arena on the headland of Cronulla Point as man takes on the beast.

This will be one of the most dramatic events of the 2007 calendar due to its world class location and waiting period which enabling organisers to ensure that the event is held in perfect conditions. 


The dates for the Cronulla Shark Island challenge Trials event are for the 8th thru to the 10th of June. These dates where chosen to take full advantage of the winter wave conditions that prolong through out the month of June that always draw a welcoming crowd down to Cronulla Point to view the action and of coarse with the international traveling pro’s schedule in mind.

The trials entry form can be downloaded from .Entry will be $180 AUD + $35 IBA membership fee – Total being $215.

The CSIC trials event will part of the BBA tour – being classed as a 2A rated event with $3,000 AUD up for grabs. The event will only be part of the men’s division, women’s and Drop Knee (DK) events will be stage in between the trials and the main event to encompass a full National event at Avalon beach.

The dates for the Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge - Main event are for the 15th of June thru to the 15th of July

The Months of June / July are seen by many in the local area as the best times for Shark Island to break. During this time the biggest and strongest winter swell lash the east coast of N.S.W, driving in monster waves that Shark Island draws in like a fridge magnet.

The date were also chosen so the pro riders could allow all traveling plans to attend the Arica Challenge and The Sintra Pro in Portugal which is held a few weeks after the Cronulla Shark Island Challenge , dove tailing perfectly for three large back to back events!



There has been a great response from all the Top 16 world tour riders who have all responded that they are very excited to attend the 11th year of this prestigious event. Reigning Champion Ryan Hardy, Damian King 2 x world Champion, Brazilian Guilherme Tamega, six time World Champion and 3 x Cronulla Shark Island Champion has also confirmed. Also planning on attending is Hawaiian Mike Stewart, the 9 time World and Pipeline champion, Current IBA World Champion Hawaiian Jeff Hubbard, fellow Australians Alex Bunting / Mitch Rawlins / Ben Player and Dave Winchester just to name a few.

There will be a large field of top seated pros as well as new faces from around the world battling it out for the $20,000 grand men’s prize purse.

Prize Money breakdown >>>

1st - $10,000
2nd - $1,500
3rd - $1,000
4th - $700
2X 5th - $500
2X 7th - $400
4X 9th -$300
4X 13th -$250
8X 17th -$200
8X 25th -$150

The Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge (June 15th · July 15th).
Competitors for the Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge are as follows

  Top 16 Competitors that will be invited      

    01 Jeff HUBBARD - Hawaii
    02 Ryan HARDY - Australia
    03 Guilherme TAMEGA - Brazil
    04 Uri VALADAO - Brazil
    05 Dave WINCHESTER - Australia
    06 Damian KING - Australia
    07 John SHOWELL - Australia (Cronulla local)
    08 Mike STEWART - Hawaii
    09 Ben PLAYER - Australia
    10 Alex BUNTING - Australia
    11 Amaury LAVERHNE - Reunion Island
    12 Yeray MARTINEZ - Canary Islands
    13 Andrew LESTER - Australia (Cronulla local)
    14 Hugo PINHEIRO - Portugal
    15 Mitch RAWLINS - Australia
    16 Dallas SINGER - Australia

  Local Wildcards

    17 Dave BALLARD - Australia (Cronulla local)
    18 Alex LEON - Australia (Cronulla local)
    19 Chris RICCO - Australia(Cronulla local)
    20 Jackson BARTON - Australia (Cronulla local)

  Sponsor Wildcards

    21 TBC
    22 TBC

International Wildcards

    23 Dave HUBBARD - Hawaii
    24 Jack JOHNS - UK
    25 Mike MURPHY - USA
    26 TBC
    27 - 32 will be taken from the Brett Young Memorial trials

The 2007 Heat Draw goes as follows.

Heat 1
1) John SHOWELL (Aus) (5) Red
2) Hugo PINHEIRO (Port) (12) White
3) Ben GOHL (AUS) (trialist) (21) Yellow
4) Nick ORMEROD (Aus) (trialist) (28) Black

Heat 2
1) Damian KING (Aus) (4) Red
2) Mitch RAWLINS (Aus) (13) White
3) Glen THURSTON (Aus)(sponsor wildcard) (20) Yellow
4) Mark McCarthy (Sth Africa) (trialist) (29) Black

Heat 3
1) Alex BUNTING (Aus) (8) Red
2) Amaury LAVERHNE (Reunion Island) (9) White
3) Sam BENNETT (Aus)(trialist) (24) Yellow
4) Pierre Louis COSTES (France) (trialist) (25) Black

Heat 4
1) Jeff HUBBARD (Hawaii) (1) Red
2) Alex LEON (Aus) (16) White
3) Dave HUBBARD (Hawaii) (Int l wildcard) (17) Yellow
4) Gustao ENTRUDO (Port) (trialist) (32) Black

Heat 5
1) Ryan HARDY (Aus) (2) Red
2) Thomas ROBINSON (Aus) (15) White
3) Dave BALLARD (Aus) (local wildcard) (18) Yellow
4) Michael NOVY (Aus) (trialist) (31) Black

Heat 6
1) Ben PLAYER (Aus) (7) Red
2) Yeray MARTINEZ (Canaries) (10) White
3) Laury GRENIER (Reunion Island) (trialist) (23) Yellow
4) Brad JACKSON (Aus) (trialist) (26) Black

Heat 7
1) Dave WINCHESTER (Aus) (3) Red
2) Dallas SINGER (Aus) (14) White
3) Adam LUEHMAN (Aus)(sponsor wildcard) (19) Yellow
4) Paulo BARCELLOS (Brazil) (trialist) (30) Black

Heat 8
1) Mike STEWART (Hawaii) (6) Red
2) Andrew LESTER (Aus) (11) White
3) Toby PLAYER (Aus) (trialist) (22) Yellow
4) Shaun PETERSEN (Aus) (trialist) (27) Black

The 2007 Quarter final draw Heat Draw goes as follows.

Heat 1
1)John SHOWELL (Aus) (5) Red
2)Nick ORMEROD (Aus) (trialist)(28)White
3) Damian KING (Aus)(4)Yellow
4)Mark McCARTHY (Sth Africa) (trialist)(29)Black

Heat 2
1)Pierre – Luis COSTES (France) (trialist)(25)Red
2)Sam BENNETT (Aus)(trialist)(24)White
3)Jeff HUBBARD (Hawaii)(1)Yellow
4)Dave HUBBARD (Hawaii) (Int’l wildcard)(17)Black

Heat 3
1)Dave BALLARD (Aus) (local wildcard)(18)Red
2)Michael NOVY (Aus) (trialist)(31)White
3)Ben PLAYER (Aus)(7)Yellow
4)Brad JACKSON (Aus) (trialist)(26)Black

Heat 4
1)Dave WINCHESTER (Aus)(3)Red
2)Dallas SINGER (Aus)(14)White
3)Mike STEWART (Hawaii)(6)Yellow
4)Toby PLAYER (Aus) (trialist)(22)Black

The Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge (June 15th - July 15th) This event will take competitors to Australia's most premier bodyboarding location, Shark Island, known for its big barrels and heavy wipe outs.

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